Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spanish Chicken and Rice

Spanish Chicken and Rice

I'm procrastinating. I should go to the gym, but like always I find a zillion and one other things to occupy my time — like cleaning the bath tub, folding laundry, etc. Things that could wait and things that aren't enjoyable, but are apparently more enjoyable than exercise.

Some argue that housework is exercise. And it is, in the sense it's better than sitting on the couch watching TV. But, I don't think of it as a replacement for cardio or strength training.

As soon as I'm done with this, I'll go. I always feel better when I'm done. Plus, I've been doing really well this week with eating and exercise overall. I met my old coworkers from my last company at a local chinese takeout place for the lunch special. I skippped my egg roll and didn't even eat my whole entree. I was satisfied, but not stuffed. That's unlike me when chinese takeout is involved.

Even if the scale isn't as kind.. I'm just glad to have made progress with saying no when I know I'm satisfied. I think like lots of people who struggle to maintain a healthy weight, I'll eat just to eat or because it smells good or tastes good.

Last night's dinner definitely smelled good while it was cooking. It wasn't anything super special, but it tasted good. It was Spanish Chicken and Rice. It had so much going on with the peppers, onion, tomatoes, parsley and olives that it was hard to make it look as good as it tasted. It's one of those one pot meals that are good for busy weeknights.

I cooked my chicken and tented it while the rice cooked and added it back at the end to warm through because I use a thin chicken breast. But if it's thicker, definitely cook the chicken with the rice to get it to cook through.

Fried Rice

After I get back from the gym, I'll heat up the leftovers of this for a late lunch.. vegetable stir fry and snow peas, minus the egg roll. Just a basic fried rice recipe with mushrooms since I had some in the fridge. No real recipe. Just stir frying the veggies with ginger and garlic in some oil, cooked the egg.. added in the brown rice and doused with a little sherry, soy sauce, and sesame oil and cooked through.

OK. Seriously leaving now. No more excuses.


Anonymous said...

Looks really good - been loving olives lately

Anne Marie said...

That looks delicious! I'm wondering if I can omit the white wine and cook the rice in a separate pot. Think that'll work?