Monday, March 30, 2009

Kashi Pizza and a Day in the Life of Jen

Kashi Frozen Pizza

Sorry to be MIA. Last week I lost all motivation. My week started off great and I even managed to work out some. But by midweek the time I spent in the gym dwindled until by Saturday I had become a full-fledged couch potato.

I’m back at the whole exercise thing today, but not because I want to be.

I photographed some of my meals last week, fully intending to post them, but honestly, I rarely cooked. Unless you count heating up this Kashi frozen pizza as “cooking.” And by the way, this was *supposed* to be three servings, but I ate the whole thing. And the entire bunch of asparagus. Who knew roasted asparagus could become my new trigger food?

Today’s eats weren’t much better. They were, in general, lacking in nutrition and fresh produce, but I stayed within good calorie (or points) range. Plus, I’ve packed up tomorrow’s foods already, ensuring I actually eat some vegetables besides lettuce tomorrow.

So here’s a day in the life of Jen:

Breakfast: Running late. Threw leftovers for lunch in super cute lunch box, plus an apple and a cheese stick. Grabbed a packet of instant apple and cinnamon oats from my parents’ house. No time for coffee from home, had to drink disgusting office Folgers made with 10 scoops of coffee!?! (I kid, but seriously, it tasted awful) Tossed in two tubs of coffee mate (30 cals) to make it somewhat drinkable. Blech.

Lunch: Oops. Forgot going away lunch for our temp. Luckily, it was Max and Erma’s, so I had the hula bowl lunch portion with the breadstick. Remember when Wendy’s had these with their salads? I heart breadsticks.

Snack: Had the string cheese with a couple Kashi party crackers from my desk drawer.

Dinner: Reheated Chicken with Arugula Bread Salad. No picture. It didn't look good and it didn't really taste good, either, especially reheated.

Dessert: 6 oz. cup Yoplait light vanilla yogurt and about 1/2 cup fresh strawberries. I don't normally buy yogurt with fake sweeteners, but I had coupons, it was on sale, and I can stomach the Yoplait. Plus, fruit herbal tea — Celestial Seasonings Black Cherry Berry.


lk (healthy delicious) said...

I lovethat kashi pizza. I do wish they were bigger though. I find its too much for one, but not enough for two.

Fit Mama said...

that pizza looks really good! Sure beats the regular cheese pizza I heated last night for dinner... We all go through phases where we lose motivation. But you'll be back on track before you know it!