Thursday, February 19, 2009

Golden Winter Soup

Golden Winter Soup

I've been such a slacker on the blogging front. Things have been crazy – that's for sure.

Last week I had to house-sit and take care of their dog while my parents were out of town. Then, my younger sister was in town to try on wedding dressing (she's getting married in the fall) and look at places for the reception.

Meanwhile, a skunk crawls under my parents' deck and sprays all over the place. The smell is so awful you can’t even live in the house. Although they have been at a hotel, they've still been dropping by to do laundry, air stuff out on my balcony, etc. So I've been taking the extra time in the evenings to clean up around the apartment.

Not that I'm a slob – just that my bathroom sink is cluttered with my makeup, hair brushes etc. and when I’m in a hurry I may leave the canister of oatmeal on the counter or let bills stack up for the weekend when I pay them. And by the time I’m done making dinner and cleaning up the apartment – I’m wiped.

But I've been doing fairly well with eating and exercising. I’ve been working out downstairs at my office’s gym and have been photographing the few meals I’ve cooked.

So here's a new dish – Golden Winter Soup. . And it's now pretty much the only way I’ll eat butternut squash – except in lasagna with lots of gooey cheese and béchamel. The great thing about the soup is I can't even taste the squash. It's more like a potato soup.

The soup was fantastic. My only complaint is that it's not all that filling for the calories. It's definitely better as a starter than a main dish. But it's certainly delicious!

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Nick said...

Welcome back, we've missed you! And your soup does look delicious.