Monday, February 11, 2008

Turkey and Cheese Panini

Fridays are good days for simple food. Nothing seemed simpler than a Turkey and Cheese Panini. Turkey, provolone, jarred pesto, mayo, tomato, and voila, a panini better than those silly Lean Cuisines from a box. And it didn't take a whole lot more time to make.

I didn't even need a fancy panini press or a George Foreman grill to make those grill marks. Just a grill pan (a staple for apartment cooking when no actual grills are allowed) and a heavy pan (a cast iron skillet). YUM.

On the side I roasted potato wedges with grill seasoning. Like I said, simple.

1 comment:

PaniniKathy said...

Your grill marks look beautiful! Nice idea for a potato wedge side too. I imagine a little cup of tomato soup might be great with this sandwich too.