Monday, June 15, 2009

Roasted Vegetables over Polenta

Roasted Vegetables over Polenta
Roasted veggies over homemade polenta "log"

I had a great weekend. I slept in enjoyed some time outside, cooked a few good meals, and generally got a lot accomplished. Felt great!

But today I'm totally pooped! I couldn't fall asleep last night for the life of me and I paid for it today, that's for sure. I skipped my workout because I was so tired and hungry. It probably would have helped energized me, but I brought my running shoes and a run sounded like TORTURE today. I'll go tomorrow.

Plus, I had a super hungry day today, which I think was because I was tired. It was like my body was looking for energy. I tried to feed it good foods and even a little extra coffee, but I was like an endless pit. I have my unofficial weekly WI, so if I don't lose as much as I expect I know today is probably to blame.

Saturday's eats weren't much to look at considering I was out of food in the a.m., well actually into the p.m. considering I didn't wake up until noon. So I ate two meals, both of which were odds and ends.

Yesterday started off with some scrambled eggs and toast with fresh chives from my "garden." I also had a late lunch that was a riff on this pizza. I made homemade pesto from the basil I pruned back a bit on Saturday and put it on a whole wheat mini pita I had in my freezer. It was delicious!

Sierra Nevada
Sierra Nevada Summerfest

After enjoying a happy hour with Sierra Nevada Summerfest and a book, dinner was potato skewers with grilled chicken sausage and a salad — nothing too fancy, but it was a gorgeous evening to fire up the grill.

Potato Skewers with Sausage
Potato skewers, grilled chicken sausage and a salad

For dessert I had some of this fro-yo I found at local natural foods store a few days ago. It sounded unique. It's good, but I could totally make this and even with full fat yogurt, the nutritional info looks like it will be about the same as this packaged stuff, with a slightly bigger serving. But if you don't have a ice cream maker, this is tasty! It's hard not to dig in every time I pass the freezer.

Organic Low-Fat Fro-Yo
Low-fat cinnamon apple fro-yo

Today, I was a bottomless pit with a bowl of cereal with skim for breakfast, the dinner I had last night, crackers and edamame hummus, a cup of coffee with skim milk, a Nature Valley Sweet and Salty granola bar (I was limited by the vending machine), a handful each of peanuts and more crackers and finally dinner — roasted veggies with polenta.

Now this was good. REALLY good. The goat cheese totally made it. Plus, I have a special place in my heart for roasted veggies. It was garnished with my fresh basil. Deliciousness. I can' t even describe. The polenta was cornmeal made with 1 cup cornmeal and 4 cups water plus salt and pepper for four servings. I put the hot polenta in a loaf pan and let it cool overnight and then sliced and reheated. It's the poor man's polenta log. The pre-made logs are close to $3 if not more, and plain cornmeal is super cheap. All it takes is a little pre-planning. The meal was even pretty low-calorie, which was good considering the carbfest I had today.

Oh well. Onward and downwards, I suppose. :) Night!


Anonymous said...

ok...totally loving this! Too funny about the poor man's polenta....we've always called this fried mush........of course fried in bacon grease and smothered in syrup (for breakfast).....but prep work is the same.....yum!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I also live in columbus and think that your food always looks amazing! I'm currently trying to go on a diet and it always seems something gets in the way (graduation parties, weddings, my excuses) What is something that helps you stay on course with your diet and have self control? Thanks!