Monday, June 8, 2009

Italian Ravioli Casserole

Italian Ravioli Casserole
Italian Ravioli Casserole

Today got off to a rough start. I was running late dropping my car off at the dealership for service. I had my dad meet me there so we could go to work, but they gave me a rental car. So we were later getting to work than I wanted to be because I had to drop off the rental car at home.

Right before leaving for work, I slurped a strawberry-orange smoothie and poured the rest into a to-go container. I added some whey powder in this time, which was awful tasting. Lesson learned. It didn't keep me any more full, either.

Strawberry-Orange Smoothie
Strawberry-Orange Smoothie

I get to work to find out I accidentally scheduled a meeting for next Monday that I intended to schedule for today. Luckily, the day turned itself around mid-morning and things were looking up. And when all else fails, have some carbs. My mid-morning snack ended up being a Trader Joe's whole wheat mini bagel and almond butter.

Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to work out in the gym downstairs. I had a short window of time after lunch where my food had digested enough and I would still have time to make it back upstairs and compose myself so I didn't go to my 3 o'clock as a sweaty mess. But I got a phone call from a guy I was waiting to hear back from for like a week, and I missed my window. Oh well. If there's one thing I learned as a journalist — when a source calls you back you'd better take the call and get the info while you can.. or you face waiting another week for them to call you back.

After my 3 o'clock I grabbed the only form of artificial sweetener you'll probably ever see me eat. Yoplait Light and some low fat granola. I especially love the raspberry flavor because it reminds me of being a kid. My mom used to buy the raspberry custard style Yoplait occasionally. Do they even still make that? I don't think so. Closest they have are the whipped light cups, which aren't quite the same.

Yoplait- Snack
Tastes like childhood — but with artificial sugar

When I finally made it home this evening I realized I didn't put out the tortillas for the tacos I planned to make and part of it was supposed to marinade for an hour. So, I found the Italian Ravioli Casserole recipe on to use up the last of the frozen cheese ravioli I found in the freezer. The portion was small, but I liked it. Especially since I made the tomato sauce rather than getting it from a jar. I even used fresh basil from my "garden" aka railing planters. When using only a handful of ingredients, it's best to use the best tasting ones you can find! Looking forward to the leftovers tomorrow.

Tonight's snack will probably be a Skinny Cow knock-off from Aldi. Ice cream treats are another diet-y food I sometimes buy, although rarely. I just can't be trusted with the real deal. And I have yet to find a great low fat ice cream recipe and I'm craving it this week. Next week I'll probably go back to homemade or store bought sorbets, which are my usual summer treat.

Ok — now off to do some yoga before catching up on a little TV. Night!

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