Thursday, September 16, 2010

Finding my way back to fitness

Running Shoes

I haven’t been able to work out — really work out — since May. I ran a 5K on May 15 and my back hasn’t been the same since.

The day after the race I was stiff feeling. My back kind of hurt, but I just thought it was because I ran faster than I usually do. So, I went to yoga.

We had a sub who was much faster-paced than the usual instructor is. We also did a few new-to-me poses.

When I still was sore on Monday, I figured it was the run + pushing myself a bit at yoga. So, I spent time on the elliptical to stretch out the kinks.

It still hurt on Tuesday so I took the rest of the week off. By Friday, it hurt to sit at my desk.

It was getting better there for a bit, so I continued my weekly yoga classes. My doctor cleared me to continue swimming and yoga and told me it was likely just a little inflammation. Some stretches and ibuprofen would help, she said.

Then, in yoga class I did a half moon pose. After I did it, I realized people suffering from sciatic pain, like myself, shouldn’t do that pose. Too late.

After that visit to the doctor, I came home with a script for steroids and instructions not to exercise.

Now, three months later, I’m able to start some exercise again. No where near the level I was at — but something is better than nothing.

Walking feels OK and so does the elliptical. As long as I take some ibuprofen, ice, and take a day off in between sessions.

Running is a definite no and a gentle yoga DVD hurt my back during and for days afterward. Lesson learned.

Somedays, I get frustrated. I want to return to yoga and I want to run. Other days, I’m happy I can at least do some activity.

Every day, I’m thankful my injury wasn’t serious. As far as back injuries go, it’s definitely small potatoes. I’ve witnessed MUCH worse.

It’s slowly getting better, so maybe someday I’ll run and practice yoga again. In the meantime, you can find me on the elliptical.

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BakingWithoutABox said...

Ouch! So sorry. Glad to hear you're taking it slow and smart. Good luck! Hang in there - Amanda