Friday, February 19, 2010

Roasting Chicken

Roasted Chicken Thighs w/ Cauliflower

I want to know how people roast chicken without smoking up the place? Seriously. I need this answered.

I once tried to roast a whole chicken in my apartment and it was complete insanity. I had the oven on super hot — maybe 425 or 450. It was what the recipe recommended. The chicken spit grease all over my oven and burnt and smoke started pouring into my kitchen. I had the dinky exhaust fan on high but that doesn't help much. I'm pretty sure it was just pushing the smoke around the room.

Then, my ear-splitting smoke detector went off. I'm pretty sure my entire apartment complex heard it. Nothing was actually burning on the chicken.. it was pretty much just the grease I think. Then, I have to clean my oven the following day or else it smokes up anytime I put my oven up to 400 degrees.

I was convinced it was my el cheapo apartment oven and bad exhaust that was the culprit, so I tried roasting these chicken thighs in my mom's oven. Same smoke problem, only this time, the smoke detector didn't go off because there's plenty of space between the oven, plus a window to help vent the smoke.

I know people roast chickens all the time.. so there has to be some trick to it. I can't believe people put up with the smoke, the lingering smell and the dirty, greasy oven afterward. So what's the deal?


T said...

Hi ,
I found you on foodbuzz. That happened to me too.

Few things I did:
1) Ignore it - not the best answer
2) Use lower temperature (350 degree) and cooked it longer, covered and uncovered

But I got an advice that I haven't tried yet, because I haven't roasted any chicken since the advice was given to me.

3) Open the oven door slightly, you can stick wooden spoon between the door and the oven to prevent it from closing

The advice was for avoiding smoke from broiling, but I think it would help in this situation too.

Karena said...

when roasting a whole bird, i start it out tented with foil for the first hour or so and keep the temperature around 350/375ish. then i cook it for the rest of the time uncovered. you still get a little bit of spatter, but hopefully nothing too crazy.

Tiner said...

If you have a stove with active vent to the exterior, roasting at shorter time with high temp works great - but otherwise you get a smoked out/smelly house..

I cook tented with foil at 375, then remove foil and raise temp to 425 - 450 for the last 10-15 minutes.