Thursday, February 25, 2010

Quick Dinner

Fried Egg and Vegetable

If there was ever a day I would be embarrassed to share, today would be the day. Good thing I don't take photos of everything! Ha!

Let's just say it included a couple of Pop-Tarts and what my coworker called a "PMS cookie" whatever it was, it was pretty tasty. A cookie crust with melted chocolate, pecans and coconut. Yum. Oh and some vegetable straws, which weren't all that bad for me.

I came home, though, not all that hungry and needing some serious nutrition. Because I wanted something light, I microwaved a box of Green Giant frozen veggies and fried up an egg. It was actually a decent combo.

I will make tomorrow a healthier day. I will make time to go down and grab my usual oatmeal from the cafeteria, I'll choose brown rice with tofu and veggies at Mongolian BBQ, and I'll reheat the last of my super healthy vegetarian chili for dinner. If I snack.. I'll snack on fruits/veg/yogurt. And.. I'll make time for a workout after work.

How do you "make up" for a less than healthy day?

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