Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Behold the Leftovers

Today's Menu

The link above is for today's menu, which being 6 p.m., is almost over with. Just have my late snack left to eat, which I'll probably just eat after I get back from the gym.

I started my day off with one of my favorite ways to eat cereal, whole grain total with bananas and almonds. I used some of the soy milk leftover from last week's breakfast. Yum. And washed down with a gigantic mug of coffee. I'm currently drinking Trader Joe's Moka Java. Not my favorite variety of theirs, but people must have caught on to my personal favorite TJ winter-time blend: Wintry Blend. I could really use some with all this freaking cold.

Breakfast of Champions, people.

So, um, yeah. Then, I had the tortellini for TWO meals today because I forgot to thaw the lunchmeat another day in a row. Awesome. It's in the fridge now, thawing as I type. Some parts of the tortellini held up, others not so much. As you can probably see from the photo.. the spinach was extra wilty today. Didn't taste bad, though. And the bacony flavor was more pronounced today.. which is, of course, good. I heart bacon.

Behold the leftovers!

I'm just having this for one more meal.. then it's done. I swear.


Dana said...

great blog!! your food does look yummy!!!!

Jennifer said...

Looks soooo good!