Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Portuguese-Style Chicken


So, this looks a little messy. Truthfully, it was pretty messy to eat, too.

But, oh, was this good.

It's been so cold the past few days and this really warmed me right up. I really like the vegetable and chorizo stew that went along with the chicken. Mushrooms, kale, potatoes, chorizo, roasted red peppers and crusty whole grain to mop up the sauce.. YUM.

I stuck to the recipe, but kept it a bit leaner with a lean chorizo and less oil. You could also remove the skin from the chicken.

The recipe also calls for you roast your own peppers. If you don't want to fuss, jarred will work, too.

Get the orginial recipe at Everyday with Rachael Ray.

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Dawn said...

Heck no! This looks amazing!!!